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Pier Hole Protectors
Cormack Group is the exclusive distributor of Pier Hole Protectors: heavy-duty polypropylene covers that completely secure the top of freshly excavated pier holes until concrete is poured.
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Why use Pier Hole Protectors?

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Reduce the risk of falls, injury and death on construction sites.

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Eliminate the risk of pier holes filling with water, debris and rubbish from unexpected weather or direct water flow, which can be very costly to drain and clear out.

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Avoid violating construction workplace health and safety laws, which have tightened in recent years and have a zero-tolerance policy on negligence. Foremen and company owners found to be neglectful have been punished with large fines and even prison sentences.


in 2008, a man in his 50s died on a construction site from falling headfirst in a 1.8m x 0.450m pier hole? 

Rescuers also found his dog in the hole – it is believed that the man was trying to rescue his dog when he fell. 

This tragic death could have been avoided by safely securing the open excavation hole. 

Unsupervised children and pets roaming and playing in the streets pose a further injury risk to the security of construction sites, because they may not understand the dangers involved in entering a secure building site – even if you have the required fencing in place.

Pier Hole Protectors solve all of these dangerous and expensive problems.
Protect your workers and protect the public – nobody deserves to be injured. There’s no longer any excuse not to use Pier Hole Protectors: because accidents hurt, but safety doesn’t.

What’s wrong with using plywood?

It is now illegal to leave excavations open and uncovered for any length of time. It doesn’t matter whether the construction site is secure or not.

It is common practice to cover pier holes with plywood. But this is far from ideal. Plywood is expensive, time-consuming to fit over the holes, and wasteful – it’s often thrown out after being removed. Most of all, it’s actually against safety regulations to use.

Instead, cover your pier holes with Pier Hole Protectors as soon as the hole is dug. You won’t have to worry about fall risks, your pier holes filling up with unwanted matter, or contravening OH&S laws.


Product Features

Pier Hole Protectors are a new-to-world product, meaning there is nothing else like them available on the market. But even without direct competition, Pier Hole Protectors have spared no details in their design and manufacture. These covers are:

  • Unmovable when secured – with four teeth that bite into the surrounding ground
  • Made from heavy-duty polypropylene for super strength and durability
  • UV protected
  • Stackable
  • Anti-slip
  • 200kg work load safe – FEA tested and RPEQ certified
  • Available in a range of fluorescent safety colours
  • Able to be customised with your company logo
  • Able to be made from 100% recycled or virgin material (which can then be recycled)
  • 100% owned and manufactured in Australia.

Please note: Pier Hole Protectors are suitable for use with holes no larger than 450mm diameter (internal measurements). They are designed for use on natural earth ground that has been excavated.